The Ocean Life Mission

There’s no doubt that the ocean is a source of fun, excitement, rejuvenation and sustenance for millions of people all over the world.

But just as family pets sometimes get squeezed too hard by the children who love them, it can be said that the ocean is suffering from too much love. She is being squeezed too hard when what she really needs is a gentle embrace. Human beings, sometimes without realizing it, continue to damage the very source of all life on earth.

Here at OceanLife.org, we intend to change that.

As ocean-lovers ourselves, we spend most of our free time on the water. Whether fishing, paddleboarding, surfing, diving, sailing, or just sitting on a beach, the Ocean Life team is a huge advocate of enjoying the sea!

In fact, part of our mission is to inspire people, especially the younger generation, to immerse themselves in all things aquatic. After all, the more people there are who love the ocean, the more potential there is for fixing the problems that are plaguing her.

In addition, we aim to educate ocean-lovers on the best ways to pursue their favorite watery pasttimes while making a minimal impact on the source of all their fun.